If you are hoping for a comfortable retirement, superannuation plays an important role in providing you with that security.  So what happens if, on separation, you realise that your personal superannuation holdings are insufficient to provide for your needs?  This could be because you were a stay at home parent for a few (or a lot) of years and did not make contributions to your superannuation entitlements or because you earned significantly less than your former partner during your relationship.  

Whatever the reason, if you and your partner separate, it is possible to split superannuation entitlements.  This can be achieved either through a Court Order or through a Superannuation Agreement.  

Often clients’ approach us not knowing the current type or value of their or their estranged partner’s superannuation holdings.  Fortunately, obtaining this information is relatively easy, provided you know the name of the Fund. Additionally, obtaining this information can be achieved discreetly as the Trustee of the Fund is obligated to not disclose to the member spouse that a request for the information has been made.  

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