About the Company

Why Robert Bax & Associates?

Our Approach

• We keep it practical and focus on your priorities
• We don’t over-service, don’t over-think and we’ll keep you in control
• You’ll be dealing with the same solicitor from start to finish
• We’ll give you no-nonsense advice about what can and can’t be achieved
• Our work is focused on making a positive impact to our client’s situation
• We’re persistent, determined and tenacious

How we charge for our services

When it comes to fees, we know clients don’t like unpleasant surprises and our approach is to work with you to avoid these wherever possible. We take a direct, up-front approach and from commencement, we discuss and manage costs.

We work with you to develop a ‘best-value’ scope for your priorities

We don’t over scope or over-service

We will help you identify ways to save money

We help you control your legal spend

We don’t spend your money without approval

We will discuss costs with you at the initial interview and work with you to assess the different risks, identify alternatives and discuss the legal and non-legal solutions. We recognise budgetary and other constraints and will neither make assumptions about what work is necessary nor force you to address all issues immediately. We will put you in control.

We want to collaborate with you and earn your trust, so if you have any questions about how we charge or anything else, please contact us on 07 3262 6122 / info@rbax.com.au  

Meet Our Team

Our team has extensive expertise and are proud to be general practitioners.

Robert Bax 


Robert Bax established the firm in 1982 and is proud to be a true general practitioner, practicing in all areas and supervising all legal services.

David Neuendorf


David Neuendorf has been with the firm since 2009 and practices in personal injury and litigation.

Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club

'Robert Bax & Associates are proud to be a premier sponsor of Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club.